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Lysander, Matthias & Simon @ CECP 2024

Three doctoral researchers presented their projects at the CECP in Bad Hofgastein.

Our doctoral researchers Lysander Presser, Matthias Jantz and Simon Zimmermann had the privilege to present their research at the 10th Central European Conference on Photochemistry (CECP) from 18. - 22.02.2024 in Bad Hofgastein, Austria. All three had a great time and are grateful for the good opportunity to present their ModISC projects as well as for the valuable discussions they have had.

All three presented posters:

Matthias Jantz - Adaption of HIGHrISC Emitters for an Aprotic Environment

Lysander Presser - Investigations of Sterically Hindered Alkyl Phenothiazine Emitters

Simon Zimmermann - Time-Resolved Spectroscopy on Conjugates of Artemisinin and Benzophenone

Kategorie/n: ModISC