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The thermometry saga with transition metal ions continues: Co3+ as a novel luminescent thermometer in the Journal of Materials Chemistry C

Our friend and cooperation partner Prof. Dr. Łukasz Marciniak (Polish Academy of Sciences, Wrocław) was hard-working again and brought the next transition metal ion into the test stage for luminescence thermometry. Together with his group, we have investigated the luminescence of this ion and its performance as a luminescent thermometer for temperatures below room temperature somewhat closer. The work has been published in the renowned Journal of Materials Chemistry C:

K. Kniec, A. Kochanowska, L. Li, M. Suta, L. Marciniak, Ratiometric and lifetime-based luminescent thermometer exploiting the Co3+ luminescence in CaAl2O4:Co3+ and CaAl2O4:Co3+, Nd3+.

J. Mater. Chem. C 2022, 10, 9278-9286.


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