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Inorganic Photoactive Materials

Welcome to the website of the group for Inorganic Photoactive Materials. The group was founded on May 1, 2021. Inorganic phosphors are used in diverse applications, which we study by combining classical inorganic solid state structural chemistry and nanochemistry with advanced luminescence spectroscopy. We design targeted experiments for a better understanding of experimental data to design luminescent materials for a wide range of applications, including near-infrared luminescent materials, up-conversion, and thermometry, among others. Take a look on our research page and our recently published papers for more information!

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Group of Inorganic Photoactive Materials

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  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Markus Suta
  • +49 211 81-13147

  • Universitätsstraße 1
  • Building: 26.42
  • Floor/Room: 01.21

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